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[Online Special Screenig]”Planet of LoveⅢ” Support for film production costs

Date 04/29/2024 00:00 ~ 23:59
Venue Online
Address Online
Arganizer MIKI Project
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* For inquiries regarding each screening, please contact the organizer directly.

“Planet of Love” 
“Planet of Love II”  ☆
Best Awaken Award Japan Film Festival Los Angeles2023
<Japanese subtitles, English subtitles, Russian subtitles>
* Each viewing time: approx. 90 min.

◎Distribution period:
Mon, Apr 29, 0:00AM – Mon, May 6, 11:59PM(JST)

◎deadline for application
Sun, May 5, 11:59PM(JST)

◎Viewing fee: Donation system
*Donations will be accepted even after the online screening ends.
*This online screening is not free. Please pay the viewing fee.

Message from Director MIKI

In our previous two film-makings, we borrowed approximately 10 million yen for each cost from a finance institution*.
Since we’ve already had two loans, we are no longer allowed to obtain additional loans from the institution.
Therefore, we have used several credit cards to cover about 5 million yen of the cost for arranging equipment and long-term shooting overseas for the third film.

You may wonder why we go to such lengths to make a film. We dedicate ourself to this project because we would like to follow our heart and desire to make a better film.

We also believe that our third film is profoundly significant both for the Earth and the universe.  

However, we have maxed out our credit cards and are in urgent need of financing for our film-making.  

Although these huge financial adversities sometimes make us feel tough when we make a film, we hope that we can make a contribution to the Earth and the universe through this film.  

It will be a great pleasure for us if you could watch the films online and support our film production.  

We sincerely appreciate your support. 

“Planet of Love” Official HP  *In English

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