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This is Director Miki's debut film!
A story promised throughout the ages finally comes out.

On 23 September, 2019, the film ” Planet of Love : Message from the Universe ” was released in response to a promise of 3000-year ago. In the film, experts in various fields revealed the truth of the universe and help humanity to lead Planet Earth into a new dimension. Although this was an unprecedented work that was “delivering messages from the universe”, the film “ Planet of Love:Message from the Universe ” has spread throughout Japan and impressed larger audiences. Cosmic consciousness, prenatal memory, messages from the various planets, soul awareness. The promised story as a guiding beacon of a new era, now begins.


I must make a film!”
The inspiration was like an impact of being struck by lightning.

In 2018, while watching a film, the director felt strong impact as if struck by lightning. A mysterious message saying “you must make a film!” came from the universe. Without any knowledge of production techniques, he began his film-making guided by the inspiration. As the film was close to completion, astonishing facts about the role of the film became increasingly clear.

It’s been promised since ancient times.
This is a story of how the earth becomes a planet of love.

Many messages were received while making the film. The huge role hidden in this film gradually became clear. “The film has been destined to be made for 3,000 years for the sake of helping the Earth to become a planet of love.” What is spoken in this work is the truth of the universe. What the world and the universe want to bring us now? The answer has been revealed.

It will make a huge difference to the Planet Earth.
Deliver the film that has such great potential to the world.

When I watched a documentary film called “Bees, the Earth, and Me”, I felt a strong impulse to make a film. The feeling was not moderate like “I’m going to make a film”, but it was like electrifying one as if I had been struck by lightning, namely, “I have to make a film! ”.

Very curiously, I also had a vision about what kind of film I might make, even the specific scenes and who the actors are. It was as if someone was telling me about the film.

It is a film about the Universe. Though the Earth and the Universe were separated each other, they experience integration again. It was as if the invisible beings of the universe were telling me. This film will bring the universe and us together. The universe will be filled with love. It might sound strange, but that’s for sure because I made sure of what the beings in the Universe were saying to me at that time.

The cast for the film hope that Earthlings are full of love and the world will become a better place. How can we feel happy? How can we make a better world? How can the Universe get better? These four teachers have the key.

I think the messages from these teachers are very important, and that it’s my duty to spread their messages to the world, rather than just my desire to do so. The teachers’ research results and their stories based on their own experiences would generate awareness among many people.

I understand that I have to be brave to make this kind of film, and not everyone would acclaim the story because of its mysterious content. Even so, I have made this film in view of focusing more on the world, the earth and the universe than considering my reputation. This is one of the greatest attempts in my life.

I believe that everyone would have been born for a purpose, and so would I. If so, I’d like to fulfill my purpose and contribute to the world without any fear, hesitation, and restraining myself even in the face of criticism, and  so on.

I focus on what I can do. Of course, I cannot do what I cannot do. However, many people have supported me and this film. I made this film along with these people’s hope, then I’m going to deliver it to the world.

The Cast

Ikegawa Clinic, Doctor of Medicine

Akira Ikegawa

Born in Tokyo in 1954, graduated from Teikyo University School of Medicine. After serving as chief of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Ageo Central General Hospital, he opened the Ikegawa Clinic in Yokohama in 1989. As an obstetrician and gynecologist who has been conducting research on prenatal and birth memory, his success is often reported in the mass media and also he is active as a lecturer.

On top of that, he gives lectures and talks for parents, children, and their families on the wonders of pregnancy and childbirth, to help them enrich their lives and to help mothers have easier birth deliveries.

He is a member of the Association for Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Health (APPPAH) in the US, an organization founded by Dr. Thomas Verney whose membership includes Dr. David Chamberlain and other medical practitioners. In 2016, he appeared in the film called, “Prenatal Memories of Children ”. This film has been screened across Japan.

”I remember when I was in Mommy’s tummy, mum ” (Lyons, Inc.)
”Children choose their parents and be born.” (Nippon Kyobunsha Co., Ltd.)
”Children were born to teach you important things.” (Seishun Publishing Co., Ltd.)
”Mom, Thank You For My Life. Heart-Warming Miracle Story 25 ” (Futami Shobo Publishing Co., Ltd.)
The Truth of Prenatal Memory: Babies have "memories" when they were born" (Samurai Times Press) and many others.

A Lawyer,Doctor of Medicine,Representative of Lotus Law and Patent Firm.

Yoshitane Akiyama

He is the author of a book titled “Fusyoku toiu ikikata” which means “A way of life without eating” (Japanese Edition) and has become a hot topic of conversation for living without eating physical food. Not only he gives lectures on the lifestyle of living without eating physical food, he also currently holds musical activities using ethnic musical instruments; “cotton swab work” workshops, making sacred geometric patterns using cotton swabs are held in various locations.

1992: Graduated from Tokyo Institute of Technology, Faculty of Science, Department of Information Science. 1998: Registered as a lawyer. 2008: Established Lotus Law & Patent Firm. Specialist in intellectual property rights. 2012: Doctor of Medicine (Alternative Medicine) certified by the Japan Homeopathic Medical Association (JPHMA) and the British Homeopathic Medical Association (HMA). 2011-2012: Visited the Amazon on a mission to protect the rainforest, participated in the Earth Summit, served as a board member of the NGO Green Heart, to protect the rainforest . 2012-2013: Visited Palestine and Israel as a member of a peace delegation, Director of Singing Ring Association

“How to live without fighting with anyone" (PHP Institute, Inc.)
“People Who Don't Eat: How Breatharianism Makes People Healthier."
“A way of life without eating" (Gentosha Inc.)
“Your Alien Vibration Awakens!” (Tokuma Shoten Publishing Co., Ltd), etc.

Astrology Artist

Lumina Yamashita

She is active as an astrology artist with 30,000 fans, she is also a popular writer who changed the lives of many people for better with her energy work. She became a foster child shortly after birth, moving from one home to another, and had a near-death experience at the age of three. In 2005, following a trip to the Gobi Desert, she suddenly absorbed all kinds of cosmic information. After a four-year purification period, through observing mandalas and horoscopes, she discovered their influence on what was happening in the world, human health, and the mind, and she then took up clinical work. In 2010, she set up her own business and started working professionally. She has a wide range of clients including executives, politicians, and artists. She has changed the destiny of more than 10,000 people through distant energy healing. In recent years, she has been producing and developing organic food and products with zero chemical seasonings, which led to attracting both domestic and international attention.

Soul Message in the Sky" (Kadokawa Shoten Publishing Co., Ltd.)
New Moon Pink Full Moon Blue Wish Fulfillment Fortune Note" (Nagaokashoten, Ltd.)
"Happiness Recipes to Bring You Luck by Zodiac Sign" (KIRASIENNE Inc.).

Co-owner of Crystal Tones, Inc. ; Alchemy Crystal Bowl Developer and Producer

Lupito Jones

After receiving a strong message through channeling to make “Crystal Bowls”, he developed Alchemy Crystal Bowls in 2003. Since then, he has brought Alchemy Crystal Bowls to the world and been active in helping many people in their awakening.

The message from the universe is changing your life now.

We have received many messages from the film audiences.

2023.10.02 / Big Island ,Hawaii Screening

2023.9.2 Big Island ,Hawaii @Guest House Ku Ke Aloha

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