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Director MIKI's long-awaited second film,
which brings the Universe and the Earth back together,
has now been released.

This is the long-awaited sequel of ” Planet of Love : Message from the Universe”, which had a significant impact throughout Japan. While the first film aimed at generating our awareness of Love, the sequel delivers messages from Dolphins and whales. A further role has been given in the second film, which is the Awakening to Love. What sort of message did director MIKI receive from whales and dolphins ? What is the universe trying to say to awake to Love? This film shows us that the vibration of Crystal Singing Bowls are harmonized with the songs of the whales , and the Song for Awakening echoes for the first time in the world .


I want you to play your Crystal Singing Bowls with our voices.
Mysterious messages from a whale.

One day, Director MIKI received a message from a whale. The message was that “whales’ voice represents the Planet Earth, and that many people will be awakened when they hear the harmonized sound of Crystal Singing Bowls and the voice of whales“. At first, the director was confused by this message, but he received the same message repeatedly from invisible beings, so he decided to make the second film.

It will make a huge difference to the Planet Earth.
We distribute the film to help all over the world to awaken to Love.

While the director embarked on a hectic schedule of film-making, he received another mysterious message about the major role of these films; It was “awareness” for the first film, and “awakening” for the second film.

Along with the message saying that the set of films “will make a huge difference to the Planet Earth”, this new work spreads to the world.

It will make a huge difference to the Planet Earth.
We provide the film, which has great power to the world.

On 23rd September, 2019, I released the first film ” Planet of Love : Message from the Universe “, and in June of the following year, I received a message from a whale in my heart, “I want you to listen to the voice of whales” and “I want you to play the Crystal Bowls with the sound of the whale”.

I was also told that the voice of whales represents the sound of the Planet Earth, and the sound of Crystal Singing Bowls represents the sound of the Universe. So, if people listen to its blended sounds, many of them will be able to experience a spiritual awakening“

The sound was played at the scene where whales were on the screen, and I understood that the image from the whale was a message for me to make a new film.

When I received the message, it had been less than a year since I released the first film. I was not ready to work on another production right away because I had realized that filmmaking was very challenging in many ways.

Nevertheless, I was repeatedly told to make another film by invisible spiritual beings. I was also told the meaning of the second film, and so I began working on my second film at the end of 2020.

I was taught by the existence of the universe that the first film was about “awareness” and the second film was about “awakening” , which is necessary to awaken our love. I made the second film because I was taught the great meaning of these films which have power to generate greater “awareness” and “awakening”.

Since it is said that this film can make a huge difference to the Planet Earth, I hope that it will reach as many people as possible.

The Cast

Spiritual Healer


Spiritual healer who downloads Akashic Records Born into a family of shamans, she became familiar with mind reading at an early age.

Starred in the French film "Mother Ocean", Free-diving instructor

Leina Sato

Starred in the French film “Mother Ocean”
Her swimming with whales in the film drew a huge response
Free diving instructor

Advocate of the dolphin way of life

Atsu and Ayako the Dolphinist

Dolphin Channelle
Advocate of the dolphin way of life

Dolphin Retreat Tour Organizer

Richard Holland

Dolphin Retreat Tour organizer
Based on the experience in Hawaii, he teaches the art of habit for happiness.

The song of the whales and the Crystal Singing Bowls are reverberating. Now you are beginning to awake to Love.

We have received many messages from the film audiences.

2023.10.02 / Big Island ,Hawaii Screening

2023.9.2 Big Island ,Hawaii @Guest House Ku Ke Aloha

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2023.10.02 / Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii Screening

2023.8.25 Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii @And You Creations

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CRYSTAL BOWL meets Whale Song in Ogasawara Islands

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Screening Schedule

The screening schedule of The second film is as below.

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