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Guided by the universe
I found myself in the present.

To all of you who are reading this page, I am very glad that you are interested in the film "Planet of Love:Message from the Universe".
It was a starting point of my film-making when I had a mysterious experience of receiving a message from the universe.

Since the first film was released in 2019, many people have watched our films, including subsequent ones, in various places throughout Japan and abroad. All of them has happened as a result of surrendering to messages from the universe and following its guidance.

While we gained support from professionals in various fields to deliver a message from the universe in the first film, the "voices of whales and dolphins" in the second film would foster awareness among a lot of people.

"We must make this film!"
I was driven by such a strong impulse.

I watched a documentary film titled "Bees, the Earth, and Me" directed by Yasuko Iwasaki. The film’s impact was so profound that it made me think of film making at that time. The feeling was not like a moderate desire “I’m going to making a film”, but it was an electrifying one as if I had been struck by lightning, namely "I have to make a film!".

Very curiously, I also found out what kind of film I might make while watching that film, even the specific scenes and who the actors are. It was as if something was telling me what my film is like.

It was decided 3,000 years ago.
Mysterious Movie

The meaning of this film was also taught from the universe, such as, "It was decided 3,000 years ago," or "It was decided a billion years ago". It is a mysterious film that has been decided to be produced since ancient times. The film was released on September 23, 2019, the designated date for the release, with the intention of "conveying the message from the universe through the film".

I made this film with no desire to impress someone, but only the desire to make a film about what the universe wants to say. Consequently, it was highly acclaimed as well as made an wonderful impression on people. Now that I have completed the film, I see that it contains a lot of messages that are necessary for us living today and I hope that it will reach many people.

Towards a Planet of Love.
It is the wish of all the stars.

As the title of the movie " Planet of Love : Message from the Universe " suggests, I sincerely hope that the Earth will become a planet of love.

Love for partner. Love for family. Love for the earth. And love for oneself.
Love is the key for the earth to move to the right direction.

It is not only the wish of earthlings, but also the wish of people on other planets to make the earth a planet of love. This is also what is shown in the movie " Planet of Love : Message from the Universe", so I won't mention it here for those who haven't watched it yet, but it is also a great wish of the universe that Earth becomes a planet of love.

What this work does
It is to awake.

On September 23, 2019, I released the film " Planet of Love : Message from the Universe ", and in June of the following year, I received a message from a whale in my heart, "I want you to listen to the voice of the whale" and "I want you to play the crystal bowl with the sound of the whale."

He also told me that the whale's voice represents the earth, and that many people will be awakened when they hear the sound of the whale's voice combined with the crystal bowl, which is the sound of the universe.

The sound was played at the scene where the whale was on the screen, and I understood that it was a message for me to make a new movie from the image it conveyed. When I received the message, it had been less than a year since I released the film, and I was not ready to work on another production right away because I had realized that filmmaking was very challenging in many ways.

Even so, I was repeatedly told by unseen spiritual beings that they wanted me to make a film, and I was taught the meaning of the second film, so I began making my second film at the end of 2020.

The existence of the universe told that the first film is about "awareness" and the second film is about "awakening", both of which are essential to awaken our love.

I made the second film because I was taught the great meaning of these films that the set of films has power to generate greater "awareness" and "awakening".

Since it is said that this film can make a huge difference to the Earth, I hope that it will reach as many people as possible.

Awaken to love together, and
Foster this planet as a planet of love.

Now, all people living on this planet need to be aware of love.
I hope that you will have an opportunity to receive the message directly from the universe by watching "Planet of Love : Message from the Universe",.