Planet of Love

Now, a song of awakening
echoes all over the world.

The Cast for the second film: Jene, Atsushi and Ayako the Dolphinist, Richard Holland, Leina Sato

Theme song "Become One" by Shota Ryokai, Rui Oda, Tomo Amane, Ayako Otsuka

Film director: MIKI Production/Distribution: MIKI Project



The time has come when the Earth becomes one with the Universe.

Planet of Love
: Message from the Universe

This is the new age message from Director MIKI.

For the sake of delivering the messages from the universe, director MIKI made his debut as a film director.

His works, produced by surrendering himself completely to the guidance of the universe, have impressed many people, then love has gradually spread in the world.

Professionals with track records in various fields revealed the truth, which might change your mind.

An unprecedented story of a great destiny now begins.

When you are aware of love, the Planet Earth will become one with the universe as before.

Originally, each of us is a pure loving being.
Once we realize the truth, the Planet Earth evolves into a planet of love.

When we infuse our Planet Earth with our love, it will be one with the universe again.

This film is a story about spiritual integration, which has been promised since the beginning of the universe.

To all the people living on this planet.
The earth of love begins with your awakening.

Director's ProfileFilm director


Film director, Crystal Singing Bowl Player, Hypnotherapist, Energy photographer, Light Worker
Healing artist who composes songs that blend the sound of nature with Crystal Bowls.In November 2019, he presented a session in which a pregnant woman and her fetus interacted with each other at a national and an international conference in the U.S., which attracted attention, and he appeared in the Brazilian film "Pregnancy and Civilization". Receiving a revelation from the universe, he produced the film " Planet of Love : Message from the Universe ".

The Cast

Akira Ikegawa

An obstetrician-gynaecologist advancing research on prenatal and birth memories

Born in Tokyo in 1954, graduated from Teikyo University School of Medicine. After serving as chief of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Ageo Central General Hospital, he opened the Ikegawa Clinic in Yokohama in 1989. As an obstetrician and gynecologist who has been conducting research on prenatal and birth memory, his success is often reported in the mass media and also he is active as a lecturer. On top of that, he gives lectures and talks for parents, children, and their families on the wonders of pregnancy and childbirth, to help them enrich their lives and to help mothers have easier birth deliveries. He is a member of […]

Sep. 2019「Planet of Love」

Yoshitane Akiyama

A Lawyer who is a breatharian living on light energy without eating physical food

He is the author of a book titled “Fusyoku toiu ikikata” which means “A way of life without eating” (Japanese Edition) and has become a hot topic of conversation for living without eating physical food. Not only he gives lectures on the lifestyle of living without eating physical food, he also currently holds musical activities using ethnic musical instruments; “cotton swab work” workshops, making sacred geometric patterns using cotton swabs are held in various locations. 1992: Graduated from Tokyo Institute of Technology, Faculty of Science, Department of Information Science. 1998: Registered as a lawyer. 2008: Established Lotus Law & Patent Firm. Specialist in intellectual property rights. 2012: Doctor of Medicine […]

Sep. 2019「Planet of Love」

The cast list

What would you leave behind for the earth on which children live?

The present moment, which we’re unconsciously passing through, will create the future of the Earth.
It means that how each of us consider for the future will greatly affect the planet where our children live.

What do we leave behind as "beings of love"?

We have received many comments from film audiences.

2023.10.02 / Big Island ,Hawaii Screening

2023.9.2 Big Island ,Hawaii @Guest House Ku Ke Aloha

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2023.10.02 / Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii Screening

2023.8.25 Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii @And You Creations

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