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Lumina Yamashita

Astrology Artist

She is active as an astrology artist with 30,000 fans, she is also a popular writer who changed the lives of many people for better with her energy work. She became a foster child shortly after birth, moving from one home to another, and had a near-death experience at the age of three. In 2005, following a trip to the Gobi Desert, she suddenly absorbed all kinds of cosmic information. After a four-year purification period, through observing mandalas and horoscopes, she discovered their influence on what was happening in the world, human health, and the mind, and she then took up clinical work. In 2010, she set up her own business and started working professionally. She has a wide range of clients including executives, politicians, and artists. She has changed the destiny of more than 10,000 people through distant energy healing. In recent years, she has been producing and developing organic food and products with zero chemical seasonings, which led to attracting both domestic and international attention.

Soul Message in the Sky" (Kadokawa Shoten Publishing Co., Ltd.)
New Moon Pink Full Moon Blue Wish Fulfillment Fortune Note" (Nagaokashoten, Ltd.)
"Happiness Recipes to Bring You Luck by Zodiac Sign" (KIRASIENNE Inc.).